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So I have recently taken it upon myself to create largess for our Kingdom as a gift from myself and my Barony, Twin Moons.

I am excited about this as not only is it allowing me to relax back into a medium that I am absolutely comfortable with, but it is a nice diversion from the francticness that can be sewing garb.

Don't get me wrong. I love sewing garb in fun prints and my daughter gets a huge kick out of the pretty dresses. But sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about something fitting or not.

Instead, I'm making coifs, a very simple unisex unpadded cap, and crocheted mug covers. These are two things that are, while maybe not quick, they're comfortable for me to create.

I'll be presenting them at coronation in November and I'm very much excited about them.

I'll be posting photos and updates here, as well on my Instagram.

In case there's anyone that would like to give a shot at making your own coif, a great tutorial can be found here:

Let me know how it goes and I hope to see anything you make! it'd be great to see!


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