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Sewing and Serging

Greetings everyone.

So this holiday weekend was all about sewing since I was able to maximize a balance between lounge lazy time and sewing productivity.

I do have some tips. In case you're interested.

1) try new things.

I did some color block chemises and viking overdresses in new and interestingly textured fabric. Theyre fun!

2) always try to seal your cut ends of your fabric with a serger or flatlining, or even a basting stitch. This will prevent lots of aggravation in handling your fabric. I always serge my fabric before i put it in the preshrink wash, then, after i cut my pieces out, i serge all of those as well. I find it makes a cleaner finished piece.

3) have fun with it! I got 2 BRIGHT fabrics to make a chemise from that i normally would never give a second thought to! But with encouragement from my Peer in the SCA, i decided the worst that could happen is I have a greatly memorable dress.

I hope your holiday weekend was fun and relaxing!

See you soon!


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