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IKEA Round 2

So I participated in IKEA round 1 a few months ago and it was pretty fun. I got an awesome little crocheted witch hat from my person and I had sewn up a cloak and book to give to my person.

It is definitely a test of skills and anticipation wondering if your recipient will like what you make for them. But, as with most people in the SCA, they're just appreciative that you would take the time to make something with them in mind. Now that Round 2 is out, I'm a bit more confident in making something for my person knowing the parameters I'm working within and more confident within my skill level. I'm hoping I can make it out to the actual exchange this time instead of mailing my recipient. Half the fun is being able to surprise them!

I'll keep you all posted on how it's looking!

-Squishy of Twin Moons

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